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Denny /as"Kenny Chesney"

Denny /as"Kenny Chesney" Dennis has been in the entertainment business going on 20 years but his life as a Kenny Chesney tribute artist began a short 3 years ago in 2004.The comparisons to Kenny came long before he started the actual business of impersonating him. Some people say he waited to long to do it but he think's the timing is right. He developed an appreciation for Kenny's music before he ever started impersonating him. This helps him to put everything he has into a performance. When he takes the stage, Dennis is no longer in the picture, it's all about the artist and songs that people have come to love over the last ten years. He say's the more I perform, the more I see the amount of people who have been touched by his music. They're singing every word to every song, only proving that Kenny Chesney is worthy of a tribute. He bring's every element of his high-energy show when he hit's the stage. The songs, the moves, and most of all, the LOOK. So he would love the opportunity to help your audience "LIVE THOSE SONGS AGAIN".
Dennis was one of the finalists on the television show "THE NEXT BEST THING" the summer of 2007.


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