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Bob Faith / Hypnotist

Bob Faith / Hypnotist Bob Faith is certified as a Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist and certified Hypnotherapist, in addition to his extensive professional background using hypnosis in therapeutic and clinical settings, Bob's innate sence of humor and dynamic stage presence quickly announced him as AMERICA'S HOTTEST HYPNOTIST!
Having begun his career practicing hypnosis in Vietnam in 1969, treating soldiers for post-traumatic stress disorder, Bob quickly realized that he could merge his talent for hypnosis and his passion for performing.
And this he did, quickly dispersing stigmas associated with hypnotism with his fresh, witty and energetic performances. He has displayed his talents throuhgout the United States at a diverse range of venues - for an impressively wide range of audiences!
Bob has performed stage hypnosis throuhgout the United States for the past twenty years, developing a sterling reputation for clean, fun, captivating shows. Bob's show catches the attention and keeps it - mesmerizing not only those on stage, but the audience, as well!


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