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Dan Kirk / Juggler

Dan Kirk / Juggler Dan Kirk is a husband, father, and a family entertainment expert, who began his performing career in 1989. He became a full-time performing artist in 1993. Dan Kirk is a comic juggler who is also a stilt-walker, balloon sculptor, juggling consultant, unicyclist and jester (complete with an authentic jester costume that's great for Renaissance Fairs), who would love to perform for you!
Dan's comic juggling routines can consist of: Fire juggling, apple eating, juggling on a pogo stick, five ball juggling, juggling while unicycling, box manipulation, juggling in the dark, partner juggling, machete juggling, juggling a bowling ball, club juggling, fruit juggling, shoe juggling, plus a whole lot more. Many combinations are availible. But really it's not what you do or how many you can do, it's how you do it! And Dan does it right.
View his performance on the vidio below.


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