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Bobby Wilson Live/ Motown Years

Bobby Wilson Live/ Motown Years By its very nature, the music industry has always proven to be fertile ground for many incredible stories. Yet nothing in real life or even press agent created fiction has even come close to equaling the amazing but true saga of Bobby Brooks Wilson.

Who is Bobby Brooks Wilson?

He is a talented entertainer who received high critical acclaim for his recreation of the legendary Jackie Wilson – a stage persona he undertook long before learning that he was the rightful heir to the legacy.

It wasn’t until long after he had begun performing in his own right that Bobby realized the true source of his musical legacy –the talent flowed naturally because he was actually the son of Jackie Wilson.

Apparently the fans knew it before the rest of the world. One night walking through the Estrel hotel lobby after a performance, a middle‐aged German fan rushed up to Bobby and exclaimed, “Oh My God! I thought you were dead.”

Bobby Brooks Wilson’s day has finally arrived. Musical history is once again going to be made – and rewritten.

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