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Roy Orbison "The Tribute"

Roy Orbison "The Tribute" Brian has been traveling and singing the beautiful and challenging songs of Roy Orbison fulltime since 1995. His tribute artist career began calmly enough, purely as a hobby during his years of being a writer and radio show host in New England - that announcer with the smooth "voice of authority"
A fan videoed Brian singing at a club one night, and without his knowledge, sent the tape off to a Las Vegas producer. Soon after, a very surprised Brian received a telephone call while on the air. The caller was the world famous impersonator show "Legends in Concert", and Brian's career changed overnight to one of bringing Roy's music to the stage in a tribute to the Big "O" that is amazingly natural.Since his first gig at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, he has enjoyed repeat appearances in casinos throughout the US; extended runs in Nashville, Myrtle Beach, Branson, and resorts in Mexico. Add on appearances up and down the Eastern seaboard, tours with Rock & Roll shows on the West coast and across the Sunbelt states, and even months at sea entertaining on cruise ships.
This show is fronted by a singer that not only looks like Roy but more importantly he sounds like Roy.

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