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Stayin Alive/ Reflections of the" Bee Gees"

Stayin Alive/ Reflections of the" Bee Gees" STAYIN' ALIVE is a class-act show with songs and costuming re-creating The Bee Gees of the 1960's to the "Saturday Night Fever" white suits of the 1970's.
Performing many casinos, fairs, festivals, corporate events, and theaters in the United States and overseas, STAYIN' ALIVE is also a powerhouse Disco Dance Band complete with costume change from The Bee Gees to a band with Afros, platform shoes, polyester threads, flash & glitter & choreography, covering various Disco Dance hits of the 70's. Two great acts brought together as one show!
On their seventh year as a band, STAYIN' ALIVE is still going strong, and better than ever! Do not miss this exciting show!!


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  - How Deep is Your Love / Stayin\' Alive

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