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Garth Tribute by Shawn

Garth Tribute by Shawn Whether its playing to a crowd of thousands, or just five people, Shawn Gerhard gives his full 100% showmanship to make everyone feel like they got what they came for. Shawn has the ability to turn a quiet crowd into an all-out mafia. Loving music, Shawn's influences were Alabama, Shenandoah, Garth Brooks, 38 Special, Reo Speedwagon, Journey and many other artists as well.

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, Shawn's father, Tom , was a welder for JI Case Tractors for over 25 Years and was a big part in Shawn's passion for music. Shawn has from an early age always wanted to be the center of attention and doing whatever it took to get it done. He learned to play the guitar at the age of 13. Playing guitar and singing has become his passion.

In 2001 Shawn packed up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he recorded with known Nashvegas session players Chris Leuzinger, Tommy Barnes, Jimmy Nichols, Larry Franklin and many more. He was helped and produced by friend Johnny McCullum and recorded a great promo demo, that has helped him over the years get notoriety. Playing at venues all over, Shawn continues to put people in awe with his fluid voice and gaining popularity around the Nashville area.

The Garth Brooks Tribute Show

This show includes Bobby Napier - fiddle player of Sammy Kershaw,
Ronnie Lutrick - bass guitar of The Johnny Highland Band,
Steve Purcell - Guitarist of Keel,
...and on select shows David Gant - keyboardist of Garth Brooks

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