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Route 66 Oldies 50's, 60's

Route 66 Oldies 50's, 60's Route 66 plays the most popular music from the 50s and the 60s as well as a smattering of late favorites~ its like putting on a stack of your old 45s and reliving those wonderful memories. With front-man Eddie Arroyos youthful enthusiasm and energy accompanied by a smoking rhythm section, you are sure to get up out of your seats and party the night away! This performance band brings more than just the sounds of yesteryear it puts on a show that will leave you asking for more.The music of the 50s and 60's is timeless, with songs you can sing along with and dance to. Music that puts smiles on your faces.


Audio/Video file 1 - Unknown Audio/Video Media Type
  - One Night With You
Audio/Video file 2 - Unknown Audio/Video Media Type
  - Wicked Games
Audio/Video file 3 - Unknown Audio/Video Media Type
  - La Bamba
Audio/Video file 4 - Unknown Audio/Video Media Type
  - Runaway
Audio/Video file 5 - MP3 Audio File
  - Splish Slash

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