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Nearly Nicks Tribute to Stevie Nicks

Nearly Nicks Tribute to Stevie Nicks Julie C Myers is a natural born entertainer. Julie's mother was a classmate of Elvis Presley and Music was big part of Julie’s family. Julie has studied several forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and interpretive and performed professionally for many years. A drama major in college, vocal training, and an accomplished Gymnast as well, Julie has always loved performing and feels that all of her training and entertainment experience has been in preparation for her to sing and dance across the stages of the world.

Julie Myers is known as Nearly Nicks. After starting in Memphis, Tennessee theme parks, in the early 1980’s, Julie moved to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams of being a performer. Since then, she has sung and danced in shows like “My Generation”, “Melinda, First Lady of Magic”, "Play Boys Girls of Rock 'n Roll", and "Legends in Concert"... frequently touring all over the US and Canada.

In her tribute to Stevie Nicks, Julie has performed all over the US in a variety of venues. From extended contracts with a Southern California Casino to selling out seven nights in a row at a Boston Concert Hall. As apart of a cast of Tribute Artists in the “Edwards Twins”, “70’s Show” at the Rode Island Stadium Theater Performing Arts Center to a Stand alone performance at the Carrolton Performing Arts Center in Dallas. Whether she’s doing a Blues Revue or a Classic Rock Concert as herself or performing her cover of, and tribute to, “Stevie Nicks”, Julie puts on a show to keep people coming back again and again.

Over time Julie has had many people tell her how much she resembled the legendary “Stevie Nicks” so for some years now, she has put on the World's most accurate recreation of Stevie in the years of her prime. Together with a six person band and backup singer, she has directed her training to cover and tribute this true legend and Queen of “Rock ‘n Roll.” With her mystical image and poetic songs Julie strongly feels Stevie Nicks’ music is and always will be legendary. Songs like Rhiannon, Dreams, Sara and Gypsy will inspire decades of music lovers to come!

Julie has recently taken her act to new heights with performances backed by full Symphonic Orchestras and has performed in Halls such as the Morton H Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas. There seems to be no limit to public appetite for her involvment!

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