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Scott Xavier/ Mentalist

Scott Xavier/ Mentalist Some magicians pull rabbits out of hats.Others, Paranormalists, excel beyond the traditional sleight of hand and elevate into a category of entertainment that challenges the boundaries of reality…Scott Xavier - is one of the latter!Scott Xavier of Plainfield, Illinois has showcased his stunts to corporate audiences all across the world. A self-described “paranormalist,” Scott Xavier combines elements of psychology, illusion, and theater to create a spectacle in which the audience is his chief prop!His techniques range from mental guessing games and hypnosis to crowd pleasing stunts, such as psychokinetic spoon bending and mind reading.

“There’s a lot of twists and curves that are for everyone when I perform,” he says.

Scott Xavier’s show leaves traditional magic tricks behind and focuses on more elaborate schemes of popular psychology, verbal & non-verbal communication, intuition, & the paranormal.He says he has spent countless hours studying psychological techniques that allow him to guide people’s thoughts and be attuned to subliminal clues that might reveal what they’re thinking.
Scott also is the house mentalist at the world famous safe-house restaurant and magic bar in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Scott Xavier is one of the premere Mentalist – Paranormalist – Mind Reader – Mind Illusionist – Mind Control Experts in the world today.

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